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Drive in wheel chock and 4 tie-down rings for a trike Drive-in step-off wheel chock with 4 tie-down rings (each) Ratchet strap/soft loop kits–2 6’x2″ straps; 2 6’x1″ straps; 2 soft loops. Electrical. 7 pin connector (trailers without brakes) Interior 12 volt accessory receptacle Full function security system w/ wireless remote (brakes.

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Sep 13,  · Legacy Motorcycle Trailer - Posted by Eric Blacksmith on Sep 13th Could not believe how careful it was pack for shipping,My Trailer arrived without a scratch on www.yanaul-ugkh.ru if I had picked it off the showroom floor!! Black Harley motorcycle trailer hitch 09 FLHTC/U, FLHX/SE, FLHR, FLTRX, FLHTK, FLTRUSE; FLHX/S $ Lumina XL.